Employment Programmes

VRC has a history of working within public sector to design and deliver cohesive work based programmes to support return to work. We have an active interest in future change government priorities and are keen to support the Work and Health Programme, the new initiative (replacing the Work Programme) for the long term unemployed and those with health problems.

We believe skilled advisors are the key to motivate, enthuse and inform clients on any programme, skilled advisors can also engage employers and partners alike, and it is these relationships which can ensure success.

VRC has skill-training programmes to enable your advisors to be the best they can be.
Our training programmes are tailored to your needs – we will provide skills that help you do better, in ways that make it easy to access and learn.

We can train your staff. Better still, we can train your trainers to be the best possible, and provide them with usable training packs and materials.

Furthermore we can offer a full consulting service to those private organisations, charities and third sector bodies who deliver government funded employment, skills and training programmes. We can partner with those organisations to enhance the scope of their offer and build the capacity of their teams. Our partnership will be:

  • Practical and evidence based
  • Challenging and engaging – building skills and confidence
  • Affordable – increasing capacity at an affordable price