Employment Assessment & Counselling

Although most of our time is taken up with training and project work, we also accept a number of clients for employment counselling.

Usually these are referred by insurers or solicitors for assessment and a plan for return to work. Employers and insurers value also our Graduated Return to Work Plans which develop quality working consistent with any disability and ongoing care.

Our return to work services go beyond the run-of-the-mill employment reports:

  • We specialise in employment counselling. We are not clinical operators and do not offer therapy; we concentrate on making work a possible for our clients
  • We develop excellent working relationships with clients and employers
  • We aim to motivate and encourage clients towards suitable work
  • We clearly state when and why we feel that certain work is suitable or unsuitable
  • We recognise that clients are influenced by many factors, as are their employers; we include them in our reporting and our work with clients.
  • Our reports are easy to read, rational and confined to the relevant employment-related evidence